Bite turbos

Bite turbos are two additional ‘brackets’ or glue blocks that are affixed behind the upper front teeth. These ensure that an excessive vertical overlap between the upper and lower teeth (deep bite) can be reduced and they protect the brackets in the lower jaw that otherwise might be loosened by biting down.

When you bite, the lower teeth come into contact with these glue blocks and contact between the molars is temporarily prevented so that the molars can grow; this resolves the deep bite.

During the first few days, it will take some getting used to as the molars cannot “close” for a while and keeping them clean also requires an adjustment. Eating, and in particular chewing firm meat, is difficult with bite turbos at first. This usually becomes easier after a week. The tongue also needs some getting used to and can become a little irritated during the first few days.

Generally, bite turbos are removed just before the end of the braces treatment, or earlier if possible.