Behandelkamer van de orthodontist in Utrecht: Airportho Utrecht


Course of action/measures in the practice:

– Please enter the practice no earlier than one minute before the appointment time; if you are ‘too early’; please wait outside.

– Parent/guardian is (unfortunately) requested NOT to come inside! (This is also strange and frustrating for us, but we will otherwise have too many people inside and we will not be able to comply with the 1.5 metres social distancing rule)

We therefore ask you NOT to come to the emergency drop-in, check-ups, bite analysis/photos, removal of braces.
Exceptions are:
*You have been requested by us to come along (1 parent allowed)
*At a first intake/visit or treatment plan meeting (1 parent is allowed)
*During a first brace placement (only if you really insist and at your own risk, 1 parent is allowed)

– Every patient is asked to disinfect their hands before entering the building.

– For certain types of appointments, the patient will be asked to rinse their mouth with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide and their head temperature will be measured; if the temperature is 38 degrees Celsius or higher, it is unfortunately not possible to continue the appointment.

– The coffee machine is temporarily out of use, there are no magazines available in the waiting room either.

– We can imagine that you have questions about the course of treatment. If you have a question, please write it down on paper as specifically as possible and we will then provide your child with the answer.

Always call in advance to discuss how to proceed before coming to the practice if:

–  the patient has a cold, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, respiratory problems or fever (38 degrees Celsius or higher);

– the patient has had (family) contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient in the past two weeks;

– the patient is 70 years of age or older (although we may have this information on file, we cannot check this individually);

– the patient is younger than 18 and suffers from obesity + diabetes mellitus type 2 (although this information is usually on file, we cannot check this individually);