In orthodontics, separation means making space for a ring to be placed around a molar, to which we can then attach braces. This space is created by placing an elastic band between the molars. This will push the molars apart by about 1 mm.

Separating is done with a pair of pliers between which there is a rubber band or a metal spring. We use these to place the rubber bands between your molars. These rubber bands or springs should remain between the molars for 2 days to 2 weeks so that enough space can be created.

The rubber bands or springs may cause slight pain. However, it is important that you leave them in place, otherwise, it will be more difficult for us to place the bands properly. The sensitivity lasts a few days; in adults, it may last a little longer. If you are experiencing significant pain, you can take paracetamol.

It is important that you do not eat sticky things like chewing gum, toffees, wine gums, etc. to prevent premature loss of the rubber bands or springs. Keep brushing, especially with the rubber bands.

If the elastic comes out in the first few days, the space created by the elastic will close again. Call us as soon as you notice an elastic is out; we will make an appointment to place a new elastic. If this occurs during the weekend/evening, please call as soon as we are available again.

If the elastic band comes out 2-3 days before your ring is placed, please come half an hour earlier than your appointment time. Please report at the desk that your rubber band is out. Then a new elastic band will be placed immediately, and the rings can still be placed.