The final phase

On this day (or recently) we will take an X-ray to see if the roots of the teeth are straight and parallel to determine the fastest strategy to complete the braces treatment.

If some of the roots are still considerably crooked (and/or if many of the brackets have come loose recently), the quickest method is to reposition some of the brackets; a (longer) appointment is then scheduled for this. The subsequent appointments will work towards the finishing phase.

If the shifting of brackets proves to be unnecessary, the final phase in which the orthodontist makes small bends in the wires (see photo) will start today or at the next appointment.

The goal of this ‘final phase’ is to straighten some teeth just a little bit more, but above all to ensure that the teeth of the upper and lower jaw close together as well as possible for an end result that is as stable as possible. Based on the X-ray image, at the start of the final phase, it is easy to estimate how long the braces treatment will still take. In other words, how many more check-ups with adjustments will be necessary and when we are going to see do a final check.

If the braces treatment is complete, you usually ‘bite’ for the splints immediately and the braces will be removed at your next appointment. If additional time is required, the removal of the braces may be postponed by one appointment.